Used Audio, Video and Theatrical Lighting Equipment for Sale

By Grant Sound of Santa Barbara

Throughout the year we turn over some of our used equipment to make room for new product:

Manufacturer Model information Description of product Quantity Price in US $
EAW pair of LA-460 3 way loudspeakers 3 SOLD
JBL pair of MR-825 2 way loudspeakers 2  SOLD
Electro Voice FM 1202 wedge 12 inch wedge 4 SOLD
Electro Voice FM 1502 wedge 15 inch wedge 2 SOLD
American Audio PXI-15P 15 inch powered speaker 2 SOLD
 American DJ Diamond  250 watt lighting fixture  $25.00 
 Soundcraft Spirit Live 24 channel mixer 1 SOLD
Soundtracs 8 buss 32 channel mixer 1 $899
Soundcraft  K 2  24 channel mixer  $2295.00 
Shure UHF-R  wireless mic  SOLD 
Meyer Sound pair of UPJ-1P  powered loudspeaker  1 SOLD
Soundcraft Venue II  40 ch mixer w/doghouse & 2 PS 1 $3300
Jem Roadie Massive smoke machine  1 SOLD
EAW  CH491 loudspeaker  1 SOLD
Rapco NJ-100 100' XLR cable, NEW  1 SOLD
Middle Atlantic EWR-8-17 8 space rack NEW  1 SOLD
Middle Atlantic SBX-7 7 space rack NEW 1  SOLD
Pioneer DDJ-SX Dj controller w/ case  1 SOLD
EAW Pair of EAW LA212 loudspeakers, wedges w/case 4